Escape From Hellscream


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Hellscream’s newest Escape Room “The Pen” is now open. Can you break out of The Penitentiary?

The first “choose your own adventure” Escape Rooms

Difficulty-You get to choose the difficulty level and the scare level during checkout.  Some customers prefer a more challenging environment, while other just want to get out alive! At Hellscream, we aim to please and offer various levels of difficulty. All levels are equally eligible for the free haunted house ticket contest. The number of puzzles will not change, only their complexity.

Scariness-Some of our ghouls like to check in with the customers to see how they are doing. For some reason, not everyone appreciates this. If you select “not scary” we will keep the phantoms away. Before opting for the scares, please make sure to have group consensus. If there are less than six people in your group, you may be combined with another group. In that instance, the level of scaryness will be decided by the first group that signs up for that time slot.

The Pen-Your fellow prisoners are breaking out of the penitentiary. They didn’t say how they are doing it, but they did leave behind some clues. To make matters worse, in order to leave, they need to blow up your cell! You have 60 minutes to get as far away from the blast as possible.

Escape Rate (zero clues): TBD
Escape Rate (with clues): TBD
Difficulty:  Select Easy or Medium
Scare Factor: Select Not Scary or Scary


Escape From Hellscream The Elevator

The Elevator-The Elevator is one of the biggest Escape Rooms in Colorado and one of the most unique in the world! Your adventure will start in an elevator which will take you on a three level journey through 6,000 square feet of Hellscream. You will need all of your wits and skills to get out and escape within 60 minutes.

Escape Rate (zero clues): 0.5%
Escape Rate (with clues): 23%
Difficulty:  Select Medium or Hard
Scare Factor: Select Not Scary or Scary


Escape From Hellscream The ManorThe Manor-You and seven other people are trapped in a room. As you look around you start to notice strange messages and clues hidden around the room. Can you and your team solve the puzzles, find the key, and get out within an hour?

Escape Rate (zero clues): 1%
Escape Rate (with clues): 35%
Difficulty:  Select Medium or Hard
Scare Factor: Select Not Scary or Scary


Grab your friends, family, or co-workers to test your mental might and try to escape the rooms at HellScream. It’s the creepiest, most heart pounding, adrenaline filled, interactive games, in the country! HellScream Escape!  You will need to wear comfortable clothes and be on time!  Don’t be late!

Escape Rooms are one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment in the world!  “Escape From Hellscream” is much different in that it takes place inside of an actual haunted attraction. You and your team will need to work together to solve the clues and unlock the doors within sixty minutes.  There will be puzzles, number clues, riddles, math problems, adventure and mayhem!


February 2018


HellScream LOCATION: 3021 N Hancock Ave
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907


Sinister LOCATION: 3910 Palmer Park Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

(719) 650-4483

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